For a limited time only. Become a Master Indian chef with these 9 easy-to-make cooking kits.

Master Indian Chef Kit

Each Master Indian cooking kit takes you through the process of Authentic Indian cooking. And we make it as easy as 1-2-3!

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What makes us different?

Authentic Methodology

Master Indian Spice Kits use authentic traditional recipes that are as close to the original as you can get without making it completely from scratch. Each spice kit allows you to add the spices using the traditional layering method of Indian cuisine.

Choose Your Spiciness

Since our spice kits are separated into packets for each step of the cooking process, you can decide, at the end, how much Indian chili you're going to add to your dish. We provide enough Indian chili powder with each kit for an extremely hot meal, but use what you want.

Fool Proof and Fun 

Our spice kits are as easy to prepare as they are authentic and delicious. This combination, the ease of preparation and the authenticity of the process makes our spice kits perfect for all chefs from the beginner to professional.

What you get:

Watch it in action!

Customer Testimonials

Super tasty and so easy to prepare. A real addition to our meal plan and restaurant quality dishes.

James L

Excellent value for the price. Taste is incredible and it is so very easy to create a wonderful meal.

Very easy to follow directions and the taste is out of this world Highly recommended

Patrick L

$45.00    $34.99 

Limited Quantity! (7 left)