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Indian Red Chili Powder


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Kashmir is the traditional origin of Indian red chili powder. Master Indian spice uses authentic Kashmiri chili powder. Though it varies slightly from batch to batch, you can generally expect about 35000 SCU from this chili powder, which is about as hot as cayenne, or a little less.

More important than the spiciness is the flavour. Although frequently compared to cayenne pepper, Kashmiri chilies are of a whole other world when it comes to flavour, they are less earthy and more floral, and they are one of the essential ingredients in truly authentic Indian flavour.

Country of Origin: India

Ingredients: 100% Chili Powder Stone Ground (Zero additives) 

Non GMO, Gluten Free 

Allergen Checklist: 

 Component Present in the product Present in the facility
Peanut No No
Tree Nut No No
Sesame No No
Milk No No
Eggs No No
Fish  No No
Crustaceans No No
Wheat  No No
Mustard No No
Sulfite No No
Others (additives)  No No

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