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Rara curry is a spicy, peppery Pakistani dish that begins traditionally with charcoal-roasted chicken simmered for hours in a decadent, rich gravy of yogurt, onions and tomatoes. Our version of the Rara curry is easy to make but delivers on that authentic flavour. 

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Malcolm Pinchin

We love the range and varieties provided. Some old favorates and alot of new ones. All provided with excellent preperation instructions. The flavoures are outstanding and you are even provided with a sachet to control the strength of the curry to your own individual taste. 100% recomend.

Adrian Keeling

The Taste was pretty decent,not the best I've had by far but acceptable.
The only issue I had with the dish was the consistency. It seemed to be a little too watery .
It definitely needs something to thicken it up into a sauce instead of a broth thickness.
A suggestion other than cornflour would help.

Marie douce Mainville

Flavour Club Subscription - Monthly Autorenewal

Jan Rainey

Really enjoyed our first month’s instalment of the Spice Club - two exceptionally tasty curries whipped up in no time!

Gael James
Delicious and easy to follow recipes

I have just enjoyed my sixth curry dish using these spices and recipes and it was delicious! Using these spice packs makes it so easy to make curry and it means I don't have to buy tons of different spices that get sad and tired in the back of my pantry. I like them so much I've signed up for a subscription! 10/10 do recommend.