Master Indian is in Maple Creek Saskatchewan
Master Indian Spice is part of a new community, and we wanted to take a break from the Indian recipes, the kit building, and the campaigning to tell you about it.

Coffee by the Daily Grind, Maple CreekWhat's one of the best places to vacation in the praries? We believe we've found the answer. In Saskatchewan, about 20 minutes north of the beautiful Cypress Hills interprovincial park, is the small town of Maple Creek. Originally a lodging place for construction workers on the Canadian Pacific Rail line, it has become an idyllic hamlet supported by ranching, farming, and is the gateway for the green prarie paradise of the Cypress Hills, attracting visitors from across Canada, the US, and the rest of the world.


Going to Maple Creek is a bit like stepping back in time. The town's character has changed little since it was incorporated in 1903, and the main street is lined with old brick buildings, tiny hotels, restaurants, all manner of small businesses. The store in which Master Indian Spice has found a home is called The Daily Grind, a small café owned by Tina Cresswell and Dave Turner, and there you can find coffee, ground on site, some of the most decadent cinnamon buns you can imagine, and countless other mouthwatering delicacies that you can only find at a small café that takes enormous pride in its fare. 
The Daily Grind, Maple Creek
The Daily Grind is the legacy of Cresswell and Turner's former award-winning business, the iconic Star Café and Grill, well-loved and well-rememebred by many of the thousands of yearly visitors to Maple Creek and the Cypress Hills who have come and gone in the past few decades. The reputation built by the dedicated staff of that restaurant lives on now at the Daily Grind. Master Indian Spice is honored to be a part of this very special Canadian place.
Dave Turner, The Daily Grind, Maple Creek
No matter where you're from, especially if you're from Canada, Maple Creek and the Cypress Hills are one experience that we most wholeheartedly recommend: a place in the heart of the Canadian praries where you can find peace, connect to nature; a place where you'll find the unspoiled wholesomeness of a small town of ranchers and farmers, and a now place where, if you like, you can make a delicious and completely authentic Indian meal over the campfire.


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May 22, 2019 — Ben M