Restaurant Quality Doesn't Come from a Bottle

If you've used bottled Indian sauces, you know they don't taste like the restaurant (unless the restaurant uses bottled sauces!) Cooking authentic Indian food at home requires sourcing authentic spices, having dozens of whole spices on hand, grinding and measuring them, and using the right cooking methods. It takes a lot of time, and it's challenging. But it doesn't have to be.

Master Indian Spice kits each contain all the spices you need to prepare an authentic, restaurant-quality, family-sized Indian meal in just a few steps.

We guarantee that you will end up with a satisfying, restaurant-quality meal that your whole family will love.


What Makes Master Indian Spice Kits Different?

Traditional Method

Traditional Method

One-step sauces just don't taste right. Learning restaurant-quality Indian food can be daunting, especially when you don't have the spices, or if you're pressed for time. Master Indian Spice's kits take you quickly, effortlessly through the traditional processes of cooking authentic Indian cuisine, for a restaurant-perfect result, every time.
Choose your Spiciness

Choose your Spiciness

Since our restaurant-quality spice kits are separated into packets for each step of the cooking process, you can decide at the end how much Indian chili you're going to add to your dish. We provide enough Indian chili powder with each kit for an extremely hot meal, but use what you want.
Anyone can Make It

Anyone can Make It

Our spice kits are as easy to prepare as they are authentic and delicious. This combination, the ease of preparation and the authenticity of the process makes our spice kits perfect for all chefs from the beginner to professional.

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Once you have mastered cooking Indian food using Master Indian's products, you will find that improvising comes naturally.

This article, plus our downloadable ebook (which you can obtain by following our page's popup window) will start you on the path to learning how to cook Indian food like they do in restaurants.