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Indian Restaurant Classics


All the classic Indian dishes in one place. These 5 dishes are the most popular dishes in Indian restaurants

Our kits separates an authentic Indian recipe into four stages, with four corresponding spice blends to be added at different stages of the cooking process. None of the essential ingredients have been substituted.

What you get!

1x Korma Curry: Chicken/Vegetables cooked in coconut milk with very little water, making gravy rich. The flavour is sweet (not overly) and nutty. 

1x Tikka MasalaThe most popular British Indian dish cooked North Indian style. More than 15 spices balanced to perfection. 

1x Original 1950's Butter Chicken: This butter chicken is likely to be different than any other butter chicken you had in restaurants. Why? There are other recipes better suited to be more profitable. 

1x Madras Curry: One of the first dishes loved by the British when they settled in India. The oldest Indian curry spice blends can be traced to this dish. This is more of home cooked style of curry than what you would find in restaurants.

1x Vindaloo Curry: Either you love this dish with a passion or you might have been scared to try it. In restaurants, this dish is served extremely spicy. But it doesn't have to be spicy. 


  • easy-to-find grocery list
  • simple enough for beginner cooks
  • adjustable spiciness (Mild, Medium, Hot and Indian Spicy)
  • easy step-by-step recipe, designed after the original recipe
  • 4 spice pouches
  • premium-quality, fresh spices to impart a truly authentic flavour
  • Beats any one-step spice mix, paste or sauce.

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Customer Reviews

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My name isn't Georgiana

I have not used these products yet.


Out of the package of 5 kinds I ordered. I have only made the Tikka Masala. It was delicious.

So easy

I cook a fair amount of Indian "style" foods. I have used spice blends from Mrs. Balbar Singh (England) Indian spices from a small spice shop in Ottawa to the meal kits from Pataks. All good choices. Unless you want to spend the day grinding spices and blending them yourself ,which can be a lot of fun in the right circumstances. I would have to say that the "Master Indian Spice" is my go to. It is just the spices that you need, in the right quantities, pre-mixed. Very simple to use and gives a very polished final dish. I first tried the Turmeric curry, being discontinued for some reason, (to bad because it was fantastic). Then I made the Korma. Again fantastic, I love that at the end you can set your own heat level. I made mine maximum heat and it was a hit. The recipe is included. I use it more as a general guild, mostly just when to add the individual spice blends. All in all a great product. I just ordered 10 packs of different curries. I shipped very quickly, with free shipping. Happy with the product and will be using again and again.

Easy To Make and Taste Great

So far we have made three of the curries that we ordered. I was impressed with the ability to turn out a flavorful curry, easily in 30 minutes. Particularly liked the Korma. Best comment .... will be ordering more!

Not convinced yet. Very disappointed

So far I have used 2 of the 5 kits. The butter chicken was ok but not as good as I have made myself from scratch. The vindaloo was a BIG disappointment: ended up throwing it out. Not sure why but it was NOTHING like any Vindaloo I have had before (and I’ve had many) In fact when cooking it I was afraid I had Covid as there was no smell of curry when I was cooking it. I’m serious -zero!!! Any chance this is old stock??? Hopefully the other 3 will be better