Ever wanted to recreate that Indian dish you enjoyed at your Indian friend’s home, or ordered at a fancy Indian restaurant? Have you ever followed that five star rated Indian recipe only to discover it wasn't as good as you thought? Do you have Indian spices in your cupboard untouched for months on end because you don't know how to use them? 

You are not alone.

Its time you become a Master Indian Cuisine connoisseur and surprise everyone (including yourself). No more guessing how much, and what spices are required. No more complicated, hard to follow grocery lists. No more looking up online recipes and hoping your dishes turns out good. 

Master Indian Spice Kits include all your premium fresh spices for one Indian dish, blended into numerically numbered individual pouches, making it convenient to add them at the right stage of the cooking process. In all Indian homes and high-class Indian restaurants, spices are layered by adding them in stages. This creates a complex flavor which cannot be replicated by one spice mix solutions like tandoori or curry powders, or pre-blended bottled Indian sauces. The grocery list contains simple ingredients that are familiar to everyone and found at all grocery stores. Simple and easy to understand cooking directions means authentic Indian dishes in minutes with very little cooking skills. 

No more confusion, no more secrets, no more fear; it's time to Master Indian Spice.