Make This Christmas Memorable 

Traditional layering of spices: 

Our spice kits contain multiple spice blends in separated packets, making the traditional layering method effortless while creating an irreplaceably complex flavour with which single-step sauces or mixes cannot compete.

Adjustable heat levels: 

We use a proprietary paprika blend that allows us to maintain the authentic flavour without making the dish spicy. 

Then, in the final step of all our recipes the customer may add hot Indian chili powder in whatever quantity suits his or her preference.

We make it fool-proof:

 Our recipes, though authentic, are simple enough for the complete beginner. The easy-to-follow recipe is printed in the spice kit, along with a simple grocery list and step-by-step instructions. In addition, our website includes videos for visual learners. 

Our Spice kits are designed to transform anyone into a Master Indian Chef

 Delicious marinated chicken braised in a buttery, spiced tomato gravy make this a sure winner!

This modern restaurant version of the extremely rich chicken korma is a nutty and sweet combination of almonds, coconut milk and delicious Indian spices

Bold and luxuriant Tikka masala combines the flavours of roasted chicken with a dynamic mixture of Indian spices for an extraordinarily pleasing dish

Savour the lively flavours of turmeric accompanied by coriander, chilies and our house-blended garam masala, braised with a tender, marinated chicken

A robust vegan lentil dish from northern India. Scrumptious earthy red lentils are invigorated by the flavours of onion, tomatoes, sizzled Indian spices and your favourite veggies

Sweet, sour, salty, spicy – the flavours of Madras thrill the palate. Revel in this celebrated curry, cherished all over the world for its marvellous taste 

The nutty-sweet, decadent korma shrimp curry is a veritable delicacy. Treat yourself to a coconut-based sauce, fortified by Indian spices and bursting with flavour

This Indian-Portuguese fusion mixes the tartness of beef with a delectable spice blend. Woo your tastebuds with this restaurant classic. 

A Punjabi culinary treasure, is singularly rich and complex, bursting with notes of cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, and ginger

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