Authentic Indian food is a complicated process of infusing different spices with ingredients in stages and in the proper sequence: marination, toasting in oil, frying with onions, finally adding to sauces. 

This time-honoured step-by-step procedure is how Indian food is made in all Indian homes and good Indian restaurants.


How are we different?

Our spice kits take universally-recognized Indian meals and make the process of creating them easy and enjoyable for the North American consumer.

Once our customers experience the ease, the convenience, and the authentic results of cooking with Master Indian spices, they come to love and depend on our product.

What Makes Master Indian Spice the Best?

Traditional Layering Of Spices:

Our spice kits contain multiple spice blends in separated packets, making the traditional layering method effortless while creating an irreplaceably complex flavour with which single-step sauces or mixes cannot compete.

Adjustable heat levels: 

We use a proprietary paprika blend that allows us to maintain the authentic flavour without making the dish spicy. 

Then, in the final step of all our recipes the customer may add hot Indian chili powder in whatever quantity suits his or her preference.

We make it fool-proof:

Our recipes, though authentic, are simple enough for the complete beginner. The easy-to-follow recipe is printed in the spice kit, along with a simple grocery list and step-by-step instructions. In addition, our website includes videos for visual learners. 

Why Stock Master Indian Spice?

Build Customer Loyalty

Our customers are passionate about the meals they create with our product. With Master Indian Spice kits, customers are able to take complete ownership over the process, and hence have a lot of pride in the amazing meals they are able to produce with Master Indian Spice. They return to buy our product again and again. 

Sale of other product 

A grocery list is printed on the back of each Master Indian Spice kit. Thus prompting the customer to stock up while at your store. Required ingredients for the recipes include onions, chicken, almonds, coconut milk, tomatoes, and many others. 


Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Zero additives and very low in Sodium (under 10% or 250mg per serving)

We fulfill all of our target customer requirements

Easy Merchandising

Spice kits are shipped in display ready cases, making merchandising simple

Shelf Space

Our spice kits are compact (3.25 inches by 5 inches); which means you can offer more variety to your customers.

High Volume of Sale

As customers uses the whole kit to make the dish once, the number of sales per customer is higher than any other spice product. 

How Do We Help You Sell More?

Visual Presentation

Our packaging design is professional and attractive, inspiring consumer confidence and adding colour and excitement to any international food display. 


Our packaging is completely unique. 4-5 spice blends are in their own container and visible through the front of the package, encouraging a closer examination of the product



There is just enough spice fragrance to make our product smell delicious. It makes the buying experience more interactive. 



We have chosen many dishes that are known to most North American customers who have even a passing familiarity with Indian food. The opportunity to produce, for example, an authentic Butter Chicken in ones own home is irresistible.

Advertising Support


Master Indian Spice is committed to supporting our distributors with online advertising, in-store demos and whatever promotions might be suggested to us by you. Just like our devoted end-consumers, we want you to order more!

Ask us about our upcoming marketing campaigns.

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Customer Testimonials

I purchased 4 of the spice kits and so far I've made the Madras Curry and the Beef Vindaloo. Both were very easy to make and extremely delicious. If you love Indian food, but don't want to stock a complete Indian spice collection, then this is your best bet.

Chuck Barry

We just starting using your kits and everything has been incredible like we are in a restaurant!

Amanda Leavitt

Just whipped some Madras for dinner and it is great! We have tried 5 different packs so far and none have disappointed. 

Megan O'Hara