Ultimate (18 kits) - makes a great gift


Two each of our whole product line of 9 spice kits. For an Indian food lover who loves to cook, this is either the greatest deal or the greatest gift you will ever find!

The world's favourite Indian dishes, curated from restaurants and food-loving households across India.

In our kits, those Indian recipes are simplified into four spice blends to be added at different stages of the cooking process, for an easy yet totally authentic restaurant quality Indian flavour that's easy to make. Though simplified, none of the essential ingredients have been substituted.

What you get!

2x Korma Curry: This modern restaurant version of the extremely rich chicken korma is a nutty and sweet combination of almonds, coconut milk and delicious Indian spices.

2x Tikka MasalaThe most popular British Indian dish cooked North Indian style. More than 15 spices balanced to perfection, and a Master Indian staff favourite.

2x Original 1950's Butter Chicken:  This is the original Butter Chicken, invented at the Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi. Delicious marinated chicken braised in a buttery, spiced tomato gravy make this a sure winner!

2x Madras Curry: Nothing beats a good madras. Combining the flavours of roasted coriander, cumin, anise, and cinnamon, the distinct flavour of Madras, popularized by the British, has become a world favourite. 

2x Vindaloo Curry:  This Indian-Portuguese fusion opens up the palate with a tangy gravy. Traditionally served very hot, our kit lets you make it hot, medium or mild.

2x Aloo Gobi:  A Delicious, savoury dish from northern India, bringing together a captivating combination of roasted potatoes and cauliflower with a heavenly semi-dry sauce.

2x Murgh Makhani: This Murgh Makhani is a truly Indian version of the famous Butter Chicken. It’s a real restaurant recipe perfectly mingling cashew, tomato, cream, and luxurious authentic ingredients.

2x Chana Masala: This sumptuous, hearty, Punjabi version of the classic vegan dish is one of the most delicious authentic Chana Masalas there is. A breakfast favourite, this entree is served on-the-go with naan or roti by street vendors in Lahore.

2x Masoor Dal Soup: A robust vegan lentil dish from northern India. Scrumptious earthy red lentils are invigorated by the flavours of onion, tomatoes, sizzled Indian spices and your favourite veggies.


  • easy-to-find grocery list
  • simple enough for beginner cooks
  • adjustable spiciness (Mild, Medium, Hot and Indian Spicy)
  • easy step-by-step recipe, designed after the original recipe
  • 4 spice pouches, one per major cooking step
  • premium-quality, fresh spices to impart a truly authentic flavour
  • Beats any one-step spice mix, paste or sauce

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Customer Reviews

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Malcolm Pinchin
Professional Curries

A great range of Curries all provided with detailed cooking instructions. We have had great fun experimenting with the great range provided and also signed up to the monthly variety packs. All of the Curries taste so much better than the standard single mixes. The separated sachets provided allow you much better control on the cooking process along with controlling the strength of the curry to meet your own tastes. 100% recommend, we are very happy 👍

Vanessa Henton

The recipes are easy and so flavourful! Tip…make a day ahead to get full seasoning.

Joseph Carolino
M I S comment

I'm becoming more fond of Indian food and I'm sharing half with my Indian friend. Packaging is very nice with easy instructions. Thanks 😊

Gene Gouthro

Ultimate (18 kits) - makes a great gift

Roger Collett
Recent purchase

I am completely satisfied with your products and was pleasantly suprised by the fast delivery.