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I really want to love it....

So strange - I opened this email just as I was eating Masoor Dal soup!
This soup has all the components but tastes flat. I followed instructions and quantities. The broth is thin - I would substitute chicken stock (or coconut water) to give it better body.

Best butter chicken ever

This butter chicken is delicious. One of my favorite meals and so simple to make.

Amazing Vegetarian Dish

I love this dish so much, it has to be my favourite. The shopping list on back of package is a great idea. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. After making this dish several times, I have made modifications to my family’s liking (I also modified the Masoor Dal Soup). I used 2 heads of cauliflower instead of 1, and use less potato, we really like the oven roasted cauliflower. This is another absolutely fantastic vegetarian dish that has won over my “carnivore “ husband.
I just want to mention I buy my Master Indian Spice packages and a local gift shop in my home town. I first was introduced to Master Indian Spice when I bought fried paneer from him at the Fredericton North Side Market (now closed)


Very easy to make recipe with amazing results! When I make this dish, I feel like an accomplished chef! This dish is so hearty and flavourful and smells soooo good cooking, I can hardly believe that I cooked it myself. The pre-made portioned spice packages are the secret to fantastic results, I couldn’t make this dish without it.

Absolutely Delicious (and easy to make)

This soup is amazing! I love that the package of spices has a shopping list on the back so you know what to buy. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. After trying this soup a couple of times, I have made my own modifications to my family’s liking~I add 4 cups of cut up vegetables instead of 2 cups (usually I use sweet potato or butternut squash, potato and celery) and instead of 2 tomatoes I add 4-6 fresh cut up tomatoes. Sometimes we eat it as is, like a soup, or if it thickens up quite a bit, spooned over basmati rice. Even my “carnivore “ husband enjoys this vegetarian dish.

Beyond delicious....

What a super Korma! It is just like the one I used to enjoy so much from my favourite Indian Restuarant in Regent Street, London UK. I remember there were flaked almonds in it there so I didn't grind the almonds too fine when I made mine and it tasted just the same with delightful tiny crunchy almond bits. I think the Korma just may replace the Aloo Gobi as my favourite from you.

What’s for supper, and don’t tell me chicken.

I’ll be sorry when this product is gone, it is one of the easiest to make, love the one pan meals. I’ve been using your products since you were a vendor at the Kingston Farmer’s Market. Back then, the product was in a little cardboard box. Keep up the great work. It makes boring old chicken something delicious.

I made one of the packages and it was fantastic, can't wait to try the rest. They get 2 x 👍👍

Compared to some of your other products, I was not crazy about this one. I thought it was too tomatoey


Have not used yet

Excellent flavours

Easy to mske and delicious!

Great service and great spices

Our whole family has enjoyed trying different spice kits from Master Indian Spice and Tikka Masala is one of our favourites. Wonderful flavours and easy to follow instructions.


Great flavour, easy to follow instructions. Everyone loved their dinner!!

Butter Chicken

shar Tilley: most cuisines refer to their sauces as 'gravy'...not all gravies are brown...!


Haven’t received order yet😢

Never received the product so not able to comment.


Hoping that these dishes make it into the regular rotation!

Masoor Dal Soup (Vegan)

Excellent flavour!

The instructions were easy to follow, and the Korma curry was enjoyed by the entire family.

Excellent Indian Spices

We keep ordering Master Indian Spice because it is truly the best. The instructions are easy to follow and the end result is very good.


The directions on the butter chicken is a bit confusing and I don't think anyone would call the sauce a gravy? Gravy is more of a brown sauce.

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Quick and easy

Delicious. Instructions were very easy to follow. Paired well with some store bought naan.