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I rarely write reviews but this deserves a GREAT review. We have used this numerous times and it is always amazing. The best butter chicken by far!!!

Daryl Brayman
Jhalfrezi, can't pronounce it, but can eat it.

I made this tonight. To bad it is going away. It is very simple but with complex flavours. I used shallots in place of the onions and a yellow peeper in place of the green. I only had 300 grams of chicken so I used extra peppers. I cut back from my usual whole package of the chilis. I used about half as I said earlier I had less chicken. It was a good call, very spicy. So good.

Tikka Masala
Dan Mercier
Tikka Masala

This dish is amazing and one of our favourite dishes

Aloo Gobi

Perfect side dish with Vidaloo 👍

Chikar Chana Masala
Jennifer Lumsden

One of my favourites from my last order! This is a 10/10
Thank you for the great customer service and fast shipping.

Balti Chicken
Daryl Brayman
Balti Chicken

I made the Balti chicken using the Master Indian spice kit. It could not have been easier. What I really like is the fact that just the spices needed are provided. Everything else is up to you. Chicken, seafood, god forbid tofu 😁 I used full fat Greek yogurt for a thicker gravy but could have used coconut milk for more authenticity. I also like that you control the heat level. I went full on max heat, it was fantastic. Lots of flavour. I would recommend Master Indian to anybody who wants to try authentic Indian flavours.

Tikka Masala
James Ramsay

Tikka Masala

Very good

The packages are very good and easy to make. They could have a bit more sauce but the flavor is there.

Vindaloo Curry
Ken Wee Wee
Master Indian Spice

The best curry spice ever

very good

Very tasty and easy to make

This was our first try at Indian cooking from scratch. It was easy and the result was delicious. We added onions and cashews and it was amazing. Can't wait to try the Vindaloo.

Haven't tried them yet, but they arrived quickly, and can't wait to get cooking!

Also Gobi.

I love aloo Gobi and I love how Master Indian Spice puts together the perfect blend of spices.

Korma Curry
sherry delaney

restaurant style and taste…I have ordered more!

Korma Curry
Donna Flemming
Korma Curry

I haven't tried it yet .... looking forward to it however.
I would like to order the Coconut Dish but can't find it anymore. Can you help?

Best one Yet!

I’ve made most, if not all, of your curries but this one takes the cake! It’s DELICIOUS! I made it with coconut cream instead of yogurt and warm water and served it over roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Really, really delicious!! Don’t discontinue!

Butter chicken

Very nice pakage and great tasting chicken


Definitely a delicious dish.

Tikka Masala

Loved it, followed recipe exactly except used more chicken. Big hit!

Korma Curry
Robert Klyne

Very tasty spices....super easy to use, they rven provide a grocery list! Product was delivered very quickly also.....will be back for more

I haven't tried it yet.

Korma Curry
Eilidh Blacker
A simple way to cook a healthy delicious dish

I love these spice packs. They make cooking from scratch so simple. Absolutely delicious!

Korma Curry
Colleen Stone
Korma Curry

We loved this dish, just the right amount of sweetness. I will definitely be ordering this again!


Thank you Master Spice. I made both dishes to share with family. I have not only come to love the various Master Spice dishes but appreciate the complexity of flavours. The 2 dishes sent in the 1st subscription were delicious. I look forward to other dishes to make via the subscription service. Master Spice allows me to make dishes at home like ones I order from a restaurant without investing in various spices needed. I also like the attention to details with individual packets labeled with the initials of the dish. It came in handy when I was cooking 2 dishes at the same time.

Really enjoyed the the ones from this month. Due to it being BBq season it took a bit to use them but as always turned out great!