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Vindaloo was wonderful

I love the flavour of the vindaloo and the ease to control the heat. I made it on Monday but ended up eating the leftovers on Tuesday. The enhanced flavour of the leftovers have made me decide to try to make the next dish the day ahead. I have ordered one of each package and am looking forward to the next meal.

Korma Curry
Susan Richardson
Delicious and very easy to make!

This is an ideal week night quick supper. I marinaded the chicken in the morning and then it was ready to make when I got home from work. The directions are clear and easy to follow. I highly recommend this dish.

Always Good!

As usual, Master Indian Spice packages have wonderful flavour and are so easy to prepare.

Korma and vindaloo

Being from the UK we have been blessed with great curries.
I think the problem lies with the interpretation.The packetging and instructions were great!
Unfortunately the finished product was lacking . Sorry

So Good

I’ve only tried the butter chicken so far but it is delicious. I have given away a few packets to friends. I hope they get some of their own. What I like is the food is so easy to prepare and you can moderate the fat content without losing the flavour. I was finding Indian food from the restaurant was too rich for me. These spice packets let me enjoy Indian cooking with out the gastric distress.

Tikka Masala
Joanne moore
Very good

Was suprizingly good! Especially the butter chicken. Will be ordering more. And it's nice not paying shipping!

Restaurant Classics (5 kits)
Michael Geisterfer
I was not disappointed!

I had high expectations for these spices and they came through with flying colours. I started with the Tikka Masala and it was fantastic - hot, spicy and authentic. I am looking forward to hosting an Indian curry party and trying all of the others.

Flavor club

We signed up for flavor club and love it. Every month we get something new to try! Delivery is always speedy when I order other kits as well!

Vindaloo Curry
Steve Miller

Coming from England and finding curry not so good in Canada, or different I suppose. Tried Master Indian Spice. Blew my mind. Easy to make and the taste is phenomenal. Little bit harder to make if you were using a jar verity but not that much harder, fresh veg chopped and that’s it. Please try it, awesome 😎

Tikka Masala
Marilyn Cleveland
Delicious and authentic

Loved it! Will buy again!


Easy instructions. Wonderful flavour will be buying again

Korma Curry
John Quinn
Korma Curry kit is ‘curry special!"

I’m an old fart - 79 years old - who has been eating and making curries since 1960. My first curry was when I started at St. Mary’s College(Simmaries), now St. Mary’s University and our local Indian was the Rawalpindi. I have used many different sauces over the years so when I saw the ad for Master Indian Spice I ordered three different types. I have only yet used one, Korma Curry and it was outstanding. Easy to use with clear directions and the taste was magnificent. I am looking forward to trying the others.

Madras Curry

This was excellent. The instructions were simple to follow and the food was delish. So glad I found this product!

Delicious and very easy to make!

I have tried both the butter chicken and the Tikka masala now and both have been big hits. The instructions are easy to follow, the results are delicious and you can make the dish as spicy (or not!) as you want.
The company delivers very quickly. I will be making this a regular go-to for supper.

Yummy in my Tummy

These spice packets are the bomb. Food tastes delicious better than restaurant IMO

First time customer

This is the best product that I’ve found for Indian cooking.

Very Delicious

I have to admit I am not really a cook, if I want butter chicken I would order it in from a restaurant. But I saw this spice pack online and I thought I would give it a try. It was absolutely delicious and not overly complicated to make. I would definitely make it again. It did have a restaurant quality flavor. Definitely appreciated the free shipping.

Flavours at Home

These spice packages are fantastic! Easy and quick way to enjoy my favourite dishes on a whim without having to paw through my pantry to make sure I’m not missing something half way through the recipe! The flavours are perfect. And free shipping in Canada!!! No excuse not to order and try!

Vindaloo Curry
Colin Logan
New product

Excellent product’s

Too soon

I bought the 9 pack to share with family. I gave 5 away. I tried the butter chicken one so far. I enjoyed it. Sellers seem to ask too soon for reviews

Korma Curry
Theresa M.
Awesome Flavour

I bought 4 different flavours but have only tried the Vindaloo as it’s our favourite. It met our expectations. Easy to follow steps. Would recommend. My order arrived within the specified time frame. Very pleased.

Have not received it yet

Korma Curry
John Emery
Still the best

Love your spices. Keep up the good work!

Tikka Masala
ray foraie

I did not fi d the sauce as creamy as I would like and the coating on the chicken lacked flavor

Tried the butter chicken very good