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Am I missing something?

So I got the 5-pack of spices and I've made two: the butter chicken and the vindaloo. Followed the recipes exactly. They're not terrible...they're just not overly flavourful and they *definitely* are not restaurant style. The butter chicken tasted more like a spiced tomato soup. The Vindaloo tasted like onion water (but with plenty of heat).

The butter chicken I ended up using the entire heat packet in hopes of getting some flavour going. Meh.

The vindaloo I used half the heat pack (and it's HOT). But again...not overly tasty. Very disappointing. I'll still go through the other three packs. Was really hoping for some authentic Indian taste. No luck.

Butter Chicken

We made the 1950's inspired Butter Chicken, and it was great! Super easy to make. We haven't made the others we ordered yet but if they are as good as this one then we will be very happy :)


Loving the Flavor Club. These spice kits are fantastic. Looking forward to my next order.

Tikka Masala
Gwen Kirkpatrick
Indian dishes at home!!

From the shopping list on the back to the step by step instructions, the Tikka Masala was quick and easy to make. The results were delicious. In fact, it was described as restaurant quality by the family and I was asked when we would be having it again. Keep up the good work!!!

So good on my 2nd order already

Every pack makes the house smell so good, and it tastes even better! I keep telling everyone how great it is.

Two down, Three to Go

We've really enjoyed the first two spice kits from our set of 5, and look forward to doing the other 3! We are knocking off one a week and almost certainly will be getting the pack of 9 next. The grocery lists are a great touch to make sure we get everything we need and the instructions make it super easy to see which we'll have time for if we're in a crunch! Looking forward to trying our 3rd this week!

rush hour made easy!

Excellent spices and instructions. At hand ingrdients, easy and delicious!

Very easy instructions to follow. Nice idea of the seasoning and spice packages being clearly numbered.

Exactly what I ordered

I am happy to write a positive review for Master-Indian-spice, a fantastic brand that offers high-quality Indian spice packs for restaurant-quality meals. As someone who enjoys cooking and experimenting with new flavors, I was excited to try out Masterspice's products, and I was not disappointed.

The spice packs are expertly blended to create the perfect balance of flavors, allowing even novice cooks to create delicious, authentic Indian dishes with ease. What's more, the packs are made with high-quality ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives, ensuring that the dishes are not only delicious but also healthy.

I particularly love the convenience of the spice packs, which come with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, making cooking a breeze. I also appreciate the versatility of the packs, as they can be used to create a range of different dishes, from curries to biryanis and more.

Overall, I would highly recommend Masterspice's Indian spice packs to anyone looking to elevate their home cooking and enjoy restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their own kitchen. The flavors are authentic, the ingredients are top-notch, and the convenience is unbeatable. I cannot wait to try out more of their products and experiment with new dishes.

Vindaloo Curry
Dana Pitts
Good Eats

I have ordered from you several times and have not been disappointed at all. The convenience of making scratch Indian food with pre portioned spices is awesome. I do use many of the packages as a starter and add different elements to up the intensity of flavours, but that’s just me. I have also recommended your company to several people with great success.
I made the Jhal Frezi the other day….so good! Thanks!

Excellent and Good

The Chana Masala was excellent, definitely restaurant quality. The Korma was good, but not the level of the Chana Masala. The Tika Masala was also good. I substituted tofu for chicken, and think it reduced the quality of the dish as it didn’t come out the best baked. Looking forward to my next dish. Thanks!

Korma Curry
Gail Ball
Best Ever!!!

Easy to prepare. Affordable. Delicious results.

Great Subscription

We have received 2 orders on our subscription so far and loved both. Its great to have a reason to cook something besides the normal butter/Korma/ Tikka stuff, and we look forward to growing our food vocabulary this way for a long time.

Great Product

Easy to make and very flavourful.

Flavour Club Subscription - Monthly Autorenewal

Great products

great flavours and good instructions

Awesome and easy

Simple step by step instructions make it easy.
The taste is amazing 😋. Will order again…
and again.

Karai Gosht… new fav……

I was skeptical at first as there appeared to be less spice in this kit but, in this case, less was more. Wonderful flavour! Please bring this out as one of standard kits.

Excelent stuff !!!

Real easy to use. Great !!!

Restaurant Classics (5 kits)
Andrea Del Castillo

Love the butter chicken ❤
Have yet to try the other ones !

Tikka Masala


Pretty good

Feels like its missions something although I cant say what. Enjoyed it though

Tikka Masala
Linda June Winfield

Made this Tikka Masala last night and it was fantastic. I did the vegetarian option with Paneer cheese and it was soooo flavourful. Can hardly wait for the leftovers tonight.

Beyond of amazing

My Husband is cooking all the time know, inviting our friends and family and cooks two or three different dishes from our spice collection. We are absolutely in love with all of the varieties. You will never they tired of these…


Two more great spice kits!