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super delish and easy

so very very tasty. and easy to make and easy to adjust to the level of heat we like. ohhh so good!!

Have t used it yet

Amazing Korma

I can't say enough about how tasty this is. I haven't tried all varieties yet, but if they are anything like this Korma, I will be coming back for more!

Great flavour!

This spice kit is quick and easy to make and tastes great. We add the full package of red pepper for a good amount of heat.

Korma Curry

master Cook

Made butter chicken using Master Indian Spice for the first time for Easter Dinner. Everybody raved about it. Personally, its as good as any butter chicken I've eaten anywhere. Much better than any store bought sauce.

Butter chicken

My family's favorite. I have introduced it to friends. Often included in gift packages.

Vindaloo Curry
Pleasantly pleased

First time trying and directions were easy to follow. Wasn’t sure about how hot we’d like it but your heat scale made it simple for decision making. We went a tad over medium and it was perfect for us

Turmeric Curry (less than 80 Packages left, will be discontinued once sold)

Makes wonderful butter chicken.

It’s so nice to be able to make one dish without the spices being stale. In the past I have had to go out and purchase new spices each time. No waste and you can vary the amount of heat

Easy To Make and Taste Great

So far we have made three of the curries that we ordered. I was impressed with the ability to turn out a flavorful curry, easily in 30 minutes. Particularly liked the Korma. Best comment .... will be ordering more!

Not convinced yet. Very disappointed

So far I have used 2 of the 5 kits. The butter chicken was ok but not as good as I have made myself from scratch. The vindaloo was a BIG disappointment: ended up throwing it out. Not sure why but it was NOTHING like any Vindaloo I have had before (and I’ve had many) In fact when cooking it I was afraid I had Covid as there was no smell of curry when I was cooking it. I’m serious -zero!!! Any chance this is old stock??? Hopefully the other 3 will be better


Wonderful service and great product! Everything is easy to follow, from the grocery list to the serving of the finished product. Delicious! Highly recommend.

Master Indian Spice

From placing of order to receipt of goods was easy and efficient! Enjoying the spices!


Had only one so far. It was excellent!!

Butter chicken

It was very different from the bottled sauce. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

Butter chicken

This is hands down the best butter chicken I've ever had. It is a nice easy fast recipe. I literally licked my plate.

Masoor Dal Soup (Vegan)

Lacks flavour

Tastes bland, almost like the spices are old. We use coconut milk instead of yogurt; does that alter the taste?

Butter Chicken Spice

Very good will be ordering more shortly

Madras Indian Spice

I made this dush yesyerday, it was so easy to prepare and the results sbsolutely delicious. Although this is the first time I dad had coconut milk in this dish.

Korma Curry

I loved the spices in the package and the ease in which the recipe instructions were to follow. It made a lovely spicy dish for my dinner.

I really want to love it....

So strange - I opened this email just as I was eating Masoor Dal soup!
This soup has all the components but tastes flat. I followed instructions and quantities. The broth is thin - I would substitute chicken stock (or coconut water) to give it better body.

Best butter chicken ever

This butter chicken is delicious. One of my favorite meals and so simple to make.

Amazing Vegetarian Dish

I love this dish so much, it has to be my favourite. The shopping list on back of package is a great idea. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. After making this dish several times, I have made modifications to my family’s liking (I also modified the Masoor Dal Soup). I used 2 heads of cauliflower instead of 1, and use less potato, we really like the oven roasted cauliflower. This is another absolutely fantastic vegetarian dish that has won over my “carnivore “ husband.
I just want to mention I buy my Master Indian Spice packages and a local gift shop in my home town. I first was introduced to Master Indian Spice when I bought fried paneer from him at the Fredericton North Side Market (now closed)