Master Indian Luxurious Chicken Korma Recipe

Korma is a comfort food, and it is one of the most delicious imaginable preparations of chicken. Like many Indian dishes, it originates from the Mughal incursions into India. Master Indian's Korma is an exceptionally well-balanced, mild curry that appeals to everyone, including children (provided, of course, you decide not to make your dish hot.) Here is our recipe, as it appears on our packaging:

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Korma Grocery List:

1. Chicken breast, boneless: 500 grams

2. Cooking oil: 3 tbsp

3. Onion: 1 medium

4. Tomato: 1 medium

5. Regular coconut milk: 400 ml (1 can)

6. Ground almonds: 1/2 cup

7. One Master Indian Spice Kit

Preparing the Korma

1. Cut the chicken (500 grams) into bite-sized pieces and marinate with oil (1 tsp) and SPICE PACK 1 (custom garam masala blend, black pepper, Salt) for 10 minutes to 2 hours in a refrigerator.

2. In a blender, blend the onion (1 medium) or finely mince with a knife.

3. Dice the tomato (1 medium) very fine.

Cooking the Korma

1. Heat oil (1 tbsp) in a deep pan over medium-high heat and fry the minced/blended onions for 2 minutes.

2. Now add warm water (125 ml or 1/2 cup) and stir for 1 minute.

3. Add diced tomatoes, ground almonds (1/2 cup), and SPICE PACK 2  (paprika powder, ginger, dry garlic, sugar, turmeric, garam masala (custom blend), coriander, salt, black pepper, cumin) Mix well. Optionally, you may toast your ground almond in the oven or in a dry frying pan until slightly browned. (for more on this visit this article)

4. Once the gravy starts to bubble, add coconut milk (400 ml), turn down the heat and simmer for 20 minutes, covered. Stir occasionally.

NOTE: Start step 5 after 15 minutes.

5. Heat oil (2 tbsp) in a different pan over medium heat and fry the marinated chicken for 3 to 5 minutes, searing all sides.

6. Add the chicken into the gravy and simmer for 10 minutes.

7. Adjust the heat level to your liking by adding SPICE PACK 3 (red chili powder). Korma chicken curry is best served mild or mediumBe careful, this spice is HOT!!!

Serve with... scoop up this delicious Korma chicken with a spoonful of freshly-cooked basmati rice. Naan bread or paratha bread complements this dish exceptionally well.

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  • SPICE PACK 2: Paprika Powder, Ginger, Dry Garlic, Sugar, Turmeric, Garam Masala (Custom Blend), Coriander, Salt, Black pepper, Cumin
  • Spice Pack 3: Red Chili Powder (Very Hot!!! for adjusting heat level)

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